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CHEMARROW Corporation issued Authorization Certificate to Jetsun
                  Release Time:2014-01-17 14:30:08             Click:times


The President of CHEMARROW Corporation Hamish Mitchell signed and issued the product Authorization Certificate to JETSUN on Sept. 3rd, 2012, officially authorized JETSUN to manufacture and sell CHEMARROW metalworking fluids, making JETSUN the only partner inChinathat has acquired the authorization.

CHEM ARROW Corporation has been in the lubrication industry for over 30 years and possesses world-leading technology of lubricants and chemicals, it researches and manufactures metalworking lubricants, specialty lubricating oils (grease), additives, cleaners and rust-preventives, etc., which are widely used in automobile, steel, aluminum and mechanical processing industries , its products are well sold all over the world.

As a subsidiary company of Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (GMERI), JETSUN is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sale of various lubricants, and has brought together numbers of high skilled talents; it is committed to supplying high-quality lubricating products and service. There has been long term technology communication and cooperation between JETSUN and CHEMARROW, and several cooperating projects have been carried out. In the next half year, JETSUN will be launching a series of high-end metalworking fluid product inChina.

CHEMARROW metalworking fluids are formulated to be more environment friendly and higher efficient, meeting and exceeding relevant environmental requirements. They provide outstanding and stable properties for various machining process of different metal material, effectively promoting machining efficiency and quality, prolonging service life of parts, ultimately reducing production cost. This series of product can also substitute for many kinds of foreign brand metalworking fluids.

CHEMARROW’s issuing authorization certificate to JETSUN has made the cooperation of both parties develop further, indicating that the products are officially launched into Chinese market to satisfy the increasing demand of high-end foreign metalworking fluid products.







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