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Jetsun Lubricant passed the spot checks by Guangdong Bureau of Quality
                  Release Time:2015-09-09 16:54:19             Click:times


Recently, Dongguan Municiple bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision carried out a spot check on lubricating oils produced by Guangzhou Jetsun Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd, and products quality supervision results notice of was issued on April 20th, 2015, showing that all supervised products (the Gasoline engine oils and Diesel engine oils) have passed the all the quality tests.

AS a subsidiary company of Guangzhou Mechanical Engineering Institute Co., Ltd, which is affiliated to China Machinery Industry Corporation, Guangzhou Jetsun Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of automobile oils, industrial oils and metalworking fluids, all the products are in strict accordance with GB lubrication standards or SH lubrication standards, most of them meet international specifications.  

Jetsun has been kept up the management principle of “quality first, customer foremost” in order to supply superior products to customers. Today, Jetsun lubrication has won a good reputation in the industry for its products’ outstanding quality and high-efficiency performance.


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