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JETSUN Acquired VOLVO,MACK,Renault Approval for Diesel Engine oil
                  Release Time:2015-09-09 16:50:01             Click:times


    A few days ago, Jetsun received “VOLVO VDS-3”, “Renault VI RLD-2”and “MACK EO-N approval for JETSUN Diesel oil from VOLVO Group. Before that, JETSUN has got approvals of “BENZ MB228.3”,”VOLKS WAGON VW50200/ VW50500”.

The Volvo Car Corporation is the largest automotive company in Northern Europe, also the largest industrial enterprise group in Sweden. Renault V.I and its subsidiary MACK company had been acquired by VOLVO Group in 2000.Volvo cars has earned high reputation for its excellent quality and performance, which make it the safest car in the world, and it sets extremely high standard on the requirements for lubricants.

Jetsun engine oil has reached the world leading level in technique and quality, it shows excellent performance in reducing wear, preventing formation of sediment and decreasing polluting emissions. The approval product JETSUN CI-4/SL is kind of high-end diesel engine oil, covering the world’s strictest standards and requirements, its superior oxidation stability, excellent detergency and anti-wear ability help to minimize wear and corrosion, which greatly prolongs service life of engine.

JETSUN Lubricant has been involved with selecting superior ingredients and manufacturing good quality products. JETSUN automobile and industrial lubricant has earned high praise from customers.




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